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New Staff

Quick Note: Please Have Your Applications In By February 26th 2016, New Moderators Will Be Choosen On March 1st 2016. I Will Leave A Message On Your Wall Saying So.If You Applied And Don't Get By March 7th 2016, Sorry But You Didn't Get The Job, But You Can Try Again Next Time! Also If You Have Anymore Questions About The Application, Feel Free To Ask! If You Can not Apply By Then Don't Worry! Asa The Wiki Grows There Will Be More Chances To Apply.
Hey Guys!
Okay Lets Cut To The Chase. I Have To Admit. I've Been Thinking About Recruiting Staff For This Wiki And I'm Sure You Noticed There Aren't Many People Around Here.
Awesome How Can I Become A Moderator! Well Uh Billy I Mean Person Who Is Super Stoked To Become A Moderator
  • You Must Be  At least 12 years old
  • Must be An Active User 2-3 Times A Week
  • No Previous Block (Bans)
  • Must Have An Wikia Account
  • 50+ Edits
  • Know The Very Basics Of Wikia Tools
To Be Continued 

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