Troop raids are the standard raids you can start from the Troop menu. Raids are group battles against powerful monsters and bosses. Work with your Troop to defeat the same enemies within the time limit.

Each raid consists of five acts. You must complete each act to move to the next one. If you fail an act, you're reset to the beginning of the raid. If you beat all five acts, though, you're given a random reward from the Prize Table.

You can see the Prize Table by tapping the Raids button in the Troop Menu, then tapping "Possible Prizes".

High Tides. Low, Low Prices

High Tides. Low, Low Prices is the lowest level troop raid. It consists of the acts:

  1. Frozen Out
  2. Hippo Displacement
  3. The Dangers of Smoking Turtles
  4. Snowman's Land
  5. Freezrex: Beachfront Baron

The Quest for the Lost Kitty

It consists of the acts:

  1. The Overgrown Underbrush
  2. Bamboozled
  3. The Barked Path
  4. The Cat in The Tree Monster
  5. The World Monster Yggdrasaurus

Tacos are Awesome

Tacos are AWesome is the third troop raid. It consists of the acts:

  1. A Suprisingly Precious Cargo
  2. One Taste and You're Hooked
  3. Remember the Tacalamo
  4. Burning Bridges
  5. Magmarog: A Man of Mild Tastes