Stones are the main currency in Battle Camp.

Stones are one of the most important items for you to collect. They are the fuel for feeding and evolution so you can level-up and improve your monsters.

You can find stones by winning battles, completeing quests and by selling off your unneeded inventory. You can also buy them directly with Gold by tapping the stones icon in the upper-left corner.

Gaining Stones

There are many ways to gain stones:

  1. Randomly dropped by Monsters you defeat in battle
  2. Completing Quests
  3. Selling unneeded monsters from your Inventory
  4. Daily Rewards - various days will have stone rewards
  5. Buying stones with Gold

A good way to gain stones is by completing Daily Quests. Completing the quests that only require you to win a specific encounter, such as defeating Penny or Mortimer, is the fastest and most reliable way to aquire stones.