The Quest Log

Questing is a large part of Battle Camp, it provides an amusing storyline for the game, as well as a consistent source of rewards... because hey, who doesn't like getting things!

Quests are automatically given to you, and can be found in the quest log (the icon "quests" to the right side of your screen). New quests are given to you upon completing the previous quest, as well as when you unlock a new area.

Each area has a primary questgiver and their image will appear within your quest-log as a new tab; letting you know what they want you to do!


Camp Quests - Penny, Primary Questgiver and Camp Master

- Mortimer, Rival of Player

Teepee Hollow Quests - ???, Primary Questgiver and Camp Master

- Shadow Stalker, Minion of the Architect

Turtle Falls Quests - Shelldon, Primary Questgiver and Camp Master

- Sgt.Lovejoy, Police Officer

Spring Clearing Quests - Tabitha, Primary Questgiver Camp Master

-???, ??????????????

Mt.Magma Quests - ???, Primary Questgiver and Camp Master

- War Hog, Leader of the Architect


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