Battle Camp is a game that involves leveling your character and collecting "monsters" to battle with.

As a character levels in order to progress through the game and grant access to new areas.


Leveling your character is important if a person wishes to advance through Battle Camp to unlock new areas.

The process of leveling involves gaining experience points. At the top of the User Interface you can keep track of your current level, together with an orange experience bar to track how far until your next "level-up".

There are two options to choose from when desiring to level your character and advance further through the game. To level, a character must either battle monsters, or complete quests.


Battles occur when you click the exclamation mark on top of a monster. When in battle, you will need to combine pieces of the same element within the time limit to deal damage to the opposition. Winning battles can grant you: eggs which are used for feeding your pets, Puzzle pieces which are needed for unlocking rare monsters and special items for quests.

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