Energy is the main resource that allows you to play Battle Camp at all. You need energy to engage in combat for anything in the game.

Your monsters are people too. Or at least living organisms. So everything they do requires energy. Every time you battle or raid, you use up energy. Once you're out. you can't battle again until it is restored. Energy refills itself over time, but you can speed up the process by buying more energy with Gold . Just tap the energy symbol in the upper-right corner.


Energy is regenerated over time after it has been used. The maximum regenerated energy is 5. Once you reach 5 energy, you stop regenerating completely. Once you use 1 energy (and go below the maximum of 5), a 10 minute timer is started and you will regain 1 energy every 10 minutes until you are maxed out again.

It is possible to have more than 5 Energy if you receive it from rewards or other bonuses. Energy regeneration will not occur as long as your energy is above 5.

Energy Efficiency

This is an interesting dynamic as instead of regenerating every 10 minutes on a specific time, the energy timer will only start regenerating when you have used energy. For example, if you are at 5 energy, and you engage a monster. The energy regeneration timer starts right when you engage the monster. But, if you engage while you have less than 5 energy, the timer has already been started from a previous time.

Because of this, to be 100% efficient with your energy, you must never reach the maximum limit of 5. Any time you spend at 5 energy or more is wasted regeneration time. So spending energy every 40 minutes will allow you to maximize your energy regeneration.

Gaining Energy

There are various ways to gain energy:

  1. Regeneration (see above)
  2. Leveling Up - every level you gain will refill your energy (up to the maximum refill limit of 5 Energy)
  3. Buying Energy with Gold
  4. Daily Rewards - various daily rewards reward energy.
  5. Spin Bonuses - awarded from multiple Ultimate Grabs used in a short time frame.
  6. Randomly from PopCap - every so often, PopCap will reward players with extra energy. The value varies.